operating Systems

The operating system (or even just BS, or OS for Operating System) is basically the main software on each computer, the first created before 1980. However, there was no graphical interface at these and let them be used only on a command line.

As this was too complicated, especially for the area of home users, a specially developed operating system Windows 95 was released by Microsoft in 1995. Over time created other operating systems and have been put on the market. Among the currently known include Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Which tasks does the operating system and what are the differences?

The main task is to act as interface to the hardware, so as to give the user the opportunity to use it. To this end, it has a number of standard drivers, which allow, for example, a graphics card just used already functioning. To be able to use all functions, but often need to manually install drivers. If one plans to use new hardware, should therefore be taken to ensure that this will also support and drivers are available. For Windows operating systems, this is almost always the case in Linux, you should check in advance with the support now is also very good. The Mac OS here occupies a special position, since it is only used on Mac computers and support only specific hardware. A further object is to assign system resources. Thus, for example, allocated to each program that you open on your computer, a certain amount of CPU processing power and the memory size. With this you need to worry usually because the different systems assume this automatically. Also, the overall performance can depend on the operating system used. They are available today in 32 and 64- bit versions. In the 32- bit version can be, for example, use no more than about 3 GB of memory. For a 64- bit operating system, but you should check in advance whether the one supported by the hardware and on the other hand, if your application software is compatible for this purpose. Overall, the choice of operating system ie depends on your own requirements, the software and the hardware waiting.

Why use cars operating systems?

One of our refurbished operating systems offers exactly the same features as the same version as new. So you need not miss any functions and also not have to worry about the fact that it has already been used. So you is, of course, as for example is the case with Windows 7, and the update service available to always stay up to date and discovered to close security gaps. For this you will get all the necessary documents, such as installation and license key certificate and after installation, you can use the system as usual.
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