FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

All answers to the most frequently asked questions (also Frequently Asked Questions) can be found here. You have the possibility to shorten your search time considerably by using the search function. Simply enter the desired info or keywords in the search window and all paragraphs that apply to the topic will be marked with a yellow background. Should you still miss something here, should answers be missing or do you have suggestions for improvement? No problem. Simply send us a short e-mail to service@noteboox.de with all your suggestions for improvement.

General questions

How can I order here?
Why should I create a personal account?
How and when can I contact customer service?
In a price comparison I was shown another price, why?
I can not find a particular product, what can I do?
How long is the warranty?
Do you buy used hardware?
What does Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR)?
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Questions about shipping and payment

How can I buy from you?
What exactly is a OnePage Checkout?
How much are the shipping costs?
What does the delivery service additionally?
What do I do if the payment has not worked through Paypal?
Sends you by express shipping?
If the delivery to a packing station possible?
Is it possible to order an item on account?
Can I pay for my goods with you in installments?
Where can I find the account details when I order in your shop?
I ordered my transfer and I want to now that my products will be shipped immediately. Hands you a screenshot of the effected bank transfer?
I can my items ordered online no longer see, he will still come?
How long do I have to wait about at my article?
Where is my order?
What happens if I am not at home when the package is delivered?
The delivery includes a transport damage. What now?

Info for revocation

How long do I have to withdraw to?
How should I proceed with a withdrawal? What do I need in order to withdraw?
Will I be reimbursed by you the return costs or a returnlaber?
I want to return an item. What's the procedure?
What should I consider mandatory?
What exactly is the right of withdrawal?
What is a consumer?
How is the right of revocation to understand?
Can it also come in deductions in refunding the purchase price?

Questions about our products

If the operating systems contained as Windows 7 and 8 full versions?
Where can I find the Product Key of Windows contained installation?
What does the condition Manufacturer refurbished?
What accessories do I get to the articles, such as Printers?
What's the difference between Bulk and Retail?
How long do the batteries in your devices?
In my ordered device no driver CD is? Where can I get the drivers?
How old are the devices?
Contain the specified smart phones and mobile phones, a branding or a simlock?


What is my phone number required?
Can I change my customer data later?
Will my personal information be kept confidential?
Will my data be transferred to third parties or used for promotional purposes?
Why do you need my email address? Do I get there advertising?

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