Network cable

Network cable

There is a wide choice of network cables, as they differ in terms of, among other things, the connection, the conductor material used and the intended purpose. In the private household, the wireless WLAN is often used for networking, because virtually every Internet provider provides a suitable wireless router. However, if a stable and fast connection is required, there is virtually no way around network cables.

Which network cables are there?

Among the most well-known representatives of the network cables are the conventional twisted pair cables with RJ45 connection. They come in various categories that express cable quality. The latter can be important if you have to bridge a certain length or are dependent on the highest possible transfer rates.

In addition, there are coaxial cables and the optical fibers frequently encountered in companies (also called fiber optic cables). The fiber-optic cables are available with different connections such as LC and ST connectors, which is why the compatibility with the respective terminal should always be checked. The advantage of these, however, is the low susceptibility to interference and the often very high, possible distance.

All network cables are available in various lengths and colors. Although the latter is only an optical factor at first, it can help to ensure the necessary order in the network cabinet. Therefore, uniform colors are used for certain devices or areas. In the event of a fault, the cables in question can be identified more quickly in order, for example, to carry out an exchange.

What are the network cables still used for?

In addition to the pure networking of servers, computers, notebooks and other end devices, network cables are now also used for distribution in the telephone network. Finally, it is finally more and more frequently VoIP phones that communicate via network connection with the telephone system. Some cables also have specific uses. Fiber optic cables, for example, are often used for servers and data storage to achieve high data transfer rates.

Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE), the power can also be supplied via the network cable if the switch and the terminal support it accordingly. High-quality, high-performance cabling can therefore bring enormous benefits and, in particular, reduces the risk of failures or poor data rates.

Can I safely use used network cables?

Yes, all cables that you receive from us and that are in used condition will be fully checked. Some cables, such as twisted-pair patch cords, have small tabs that can occasionally break. In such a case, you should replace the plug or the complete cable in a timely manner, as otherwise the connection may break off quickly if someone touches the cable. Therefore, we also check our cables for integrity in this regard.
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