Tape drives

Tape drives

You want to store large amounts of data securely and reliably? Then you are right in this category. Here we list known as tape drives, also streamers or StorageWorks, all major manufacturers such as HP and IBM.

Tape Drives (English Streamer) function like a tape recorder in the basic principle. They feature writing and recording heads and use for storing data tapes. Previously, the Datasette was also in home computers in use today, however, tape drives exclusively for professional storage of medium to large data backups are used. The storage capacity is the one on the standard used (QIC, AIT, DAT, LTO and others) and of course depending on the length of tape. It can be personalized with tape drives that store data up to terabyte sizes, so you are used even today very often.

What are the differences?

Firstly, it is obviously important to make sure the standard to be supported by the streamer. LTO (Linear Tape Open ) Standard belongs here to the best known and are offered by numerous manufacturers drives and magnetic tapes support this standard. Therefore, here is the exchange, such as event of a defect, a good way to continue using our used by a streamer the system without a complete switch to perform on, for example, a different manufacturer. Another important difference is the design of the drive. There are models that are inserted directly into the computer and use the drive bays of size 3.5" or 5.25". For LTO drives, it is also possible to obtain drives the size of 1.75". This corresponds to the size of many optical drives, but they are also somewhat more slowly with respect to the data transfer. Too, the external use in designated enclosures is possible. These have a own power supply via a separate power supply and for example be connected via SCSI to the main system .

What are the options for large to very large amounts of data?

Als besondere Bauform gilt die Tape Library, hierbei handelt es sich um einen Verbund mehrerer Laufwerke und Magnetbänder. Die Tape Library wechselt hierbei, gesteuert z.B. durch eine Backup-Software, die Magnetbänder welche in einem Magazin angeordAs a special design applies the tape library, this is a composite of multiple drives and magnetic tapes. The library will change this, for example, controlled by a backup software, the magnetic tapes which are disposed in a magazine. Through the Backup software can then be passed to a database to determine which file has been secured which tape. As an aid, the bands get this, often a bar code can be read from the tape library. It can, however, also during operation replace or remove individual bands. The size of such a system starts at 5 slots (slot for a band) and may range up to several thousand slots bands.

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