Thin clients and network computers

Companies are often looking for solutions to the representative at each other economically and clever networking and at the same time to obtain the maximum performance from the network. In addition, an excellent cross-linked with each company offers its employees the best conditions to do business more effectively. Thin Clients here are the most cost-effective and economical solution. Just when equipment is purchased from the Refurbished or Used sector, a lot of costs can be saved.

What is a thin client?

A thin client, also known as zero- or cloud-client is a computer due to its lower hardware equipment, consumes much less energy than a desktop PC. Due to low hardware performance, the data processing can not be performed by the thin client itself. It is therefore used in most cases in office and enterprise networks with a server. Here he provides the user with the user interface is available, the processing of the data is then performed on the server. Frequently used applications for thin clients, for example, Web applications, Terminal Server environments and virtualization environments. On a thin-client devices like printers, headsets, etc. be used normally.

A further of use for thin-clients are computer terminals and all locations where a user should only have access to specific applications (eg information booths at fairs, public body or the like). Thin clients are usually operated with a customized Linux or Windows operating system, designed for the lower capacity. Initial problems with USB support and the like already belong to the past , because the applications are constantly being developed and improved.

What benefits have thin clients ?

The main advantage is the energy consumption. A thin client requires approximately 10-20 watts, a normal desktop computer with multi-core CPU and without any further particular features often already consumed 40-120 watts. Due to the lower heat of the systems also is added a lower mileage of the air conditioning. Another advantage is the saving of the administrative overhead. Depending on the manufacturer, there are several ways to supply several thin clients at the same time with a previously created configuration. The clients are uniformly controlled by the users and can be replaced easily, therefore, there must be no data transfer or similar. Of course, individual programs can be enabled or disabled easily for a user. The average duration of a thin client is up to 7 years, a desktop computer is about 3-4 years. So you have still to be expected from our used thin clients much run time. Since thin clients virtually no moving parts are used, you expect less wear of the components.

The newer zero client devices also have an even smaller system. This is used to often only allow a single application, but thereby making the use more secure because there is no other interfaces are no longer present. Take advantage of the possible benefits for you with our refurbished thin clients.

With us you get used thin clients of the leading manufacturers hedgehog, Dell and HP. The refurbished thin clients are technically correct, as these have been tested by us to the smallest detail, but may be optical traces of use.
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