Battery Law Notices

In connection with the distribution of batteries or rechargeable batteries, or devices that are operated with batteries or rechargeable batteries, we as distributors are obliged under the Battery Act to provide information about the relevant regulations and obligations:

Used batteries should not be put in the household garbage. Consumers are required by law to bring batteries to a suitable collection point at the store or in the community. The delivery is free for you. You can send your used batteries back to us. The return of the batteries / rechargeable batteries to us must in any case be sufficiently franked:
Inh. Viktor Heizmann
Augsburger Strasse 51
86424 Dinkelscherben

Used batteries may contain harmful substances or heavy metals that can harm the environment and your health. Furthermore, batteries contain valuable materials which can be recycled. The environment and GAME PRICE say thank you.
Old battery disposal - we dispose of it for you!The garbage bin means: Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste.

The signs under the garbage cans stand for:
Pb: Battery contains lead
Cd: battery contains cadmium
Hg: battery contains mercury
You have the opportunity to read this information again in the operating instructions of the respective device manufacturer.

Further detailed information on the battery law can be obtained from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety at or the Federal Environment Agency at

Information about the old equipment regulation

Law on the placing on the market, taking back and the environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (ElektroG - ElektroG)

Note to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG):

Please dispose of old appliances as prescribed by law at a municipal collection point, or hand them in free of charge on the spot. Disposal in household waste is strictly forbidden according to WEEE regulation! You can return any devices we have received after use free of charge by returning them by post to the address indicated in the imprint. Old devices containing pollutants are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out wheelie bin. You will also find these instructions in the accompanying documents of the consignment or in the manufacturer's operating instructions.
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