Along with the ever-growing range of smartphones increases, so does the number of available cover and cases. But even here there are different features that may prove to be useful for different purposes. We offer in this category different products from reputable manufacturers. We always pay attention to quality workmanship and the best quality possible, so that your device is fully protected.

What are the different types of covers are available?

On the one hand there are standard Cover of solid or elastic material, which are specially adapted for a device and include the housing completely. The advantage of these is that no scratches or knocks can damage the casing, but the screen is always directly accessible. Controls are omitted in these cases or are even in spite of gumming easy to use.

Cases with the so-called pull tab are also available in universal sizes and can be used as a bag. With a pull tab smartphone or tablet can be safely pulled out to avoid falling. A Sleeve is also a kind of pocket and is often used for tablets, since due to the size of a pull tab is not necessarily required. From the inside they are also often padded to protect against impacts. Other functions offers a book style cover. These are so named because they can be opened like a book to the left or right. So you also protect the screen when closed and also often be use as a stand to. Thus, the tablet can be easily put on the table and continue to use as normal. A similar workings offer the Flip Cases. In these works but one the front part up or down. In both variants, the smartphone is usually held by a precisely tailored hard shell, which with the actual cover, for example, is made of leather, is firmly connected. For tablets also the term was introduced 360° case. Basically, this is a combination of the two previous versions, because it can also be use as a stand. However, the state function is possible here vertically and horizontally.

In addition to these properties, there are other practical functions. Thus, some cases have a holder for a pen. This is especially advantageous if you prefer the operation by active or capacitive stylus. For added convenience, offers the auto sleep / wake up function. After eliminating the need of opening the envelope not turn separately smartphone or tablet. The device automatically detects that the envelope was opened and turns on automatically. When closing the cover, this works the same way and the unit enters the standby mode.
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