Docking Stations & Port Replicators

If you want to use in addition to the mobility of a notebook or a tablet, the advantages of a solid desktop workstation, is a docking station, also known as port replicator, just right for you. We provide new and used Docking Stations from all major manufacturers such as IBM, HP, Fujitsu and Dell.

What are the benefits with a docking stations?

The biggest advantage of a docking station is that you allow them to connect their entire periphery, and then you only have to connect the notebook to the docking station to use this. For this purpose is available (usually at the bottom of the unit), connect via which it to the docking station to the laptop has a separate connection. In addition to the ports available on your system provide docking stations also often more willing connections (hence the term port replicator). You just need to unlock your laptop and plug it back later use. No more lengthy infect more such as the printer, monitor or other accessories. Our refurbished docking place for you is the cheapest and easiest way is to take advantage of these benefits.

What connections have docking stations?

The standard ports like USB, Audio, VGA, DVI, HDMI and network belong to the basic equipment of a port replicator. With most devices can thus use up to two additional monitors. Of course, a connection for the power supply is available for your device can be charged for mobile use, while it is in the docking station. Other possible connections are also serial ports (RS232), parallel port (LPT) or ports for modem or ISDN, depending on the model there are different combinations. Some ports that does not allow the manufacturer because of a lack of space on the board to the notebook directly, can be used by a docking station, eg FireWire, eSATA and more. The exact number of connections can be found in the product description of each model.

Next to the ports, a hard disk can be used in some docking stations. This is the connected notebook then available. Here you can, for example, Data are stored are not supposed to leave with the apparatus the company for security reasons. Other possible accessories include a second power supply or even a Blu-Ray or DVD burner.
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