Notebooks and Laptops

A notebook or laptop is the mobile version of a computer. In these devices, all the components are combined in a single housing. Often they are also equipped with a CD or DVD drive and card reader for SD cards. In addition, the devices are equipped with multiple interfaces. Examples are here USB, VGA and / or HDMI and LAN. Built-in speakers, headphone output, and webcam are also common. For mobile access to the network, the small computers have an integrated WLAN function .

What are the differences between laptops and what to look for when buying?

Be classified notebooks often on screen size. Smaller screen sizes of 15" or 16" are particularly well suited for frequent mobile use. Small, light and with good battery life , they are the perfect companion when traveling. There are also models from 11". These are due to the particularly compact design not quite as powerful, but have even more battery life. Therefore specifically targeted at those who want to just briefly check their emails on the go or data to the customer via VPN want to retrieve, the so-called ultrabooks are also available in sizes from 11" to buy and own in spite of the flat design and a lightweight construction, a high performance, whereby they can also be used for more complex tasks. If the notebook is taken only occasionally, a larger model can be beneficial. With screen sizes of 17" or larger, they can also serve as a replacement for a desktop PC. Moreover, many models can be mounted on a special docking station.

This can also be found in our range. This notebook can be used as complete computer act, as more devices, such as a larger keyboard or a larger screen can be connected to the docking station. Besides the size, you should pay attention to the desired performance, of course, because only the memory, and in a few cases, the graphics card can be upgraded later. Notebooks have here the same characteristics as a normal PC. However, the components such as processor, graphics card, hard drive and memory in the mobile version are available. This set up the main concentration more on low power consumption to enable the longest possible service life without mains operation. Who also happen to need the full power or notebook also want to use the stationary workplace for computationally intensive tasks, and so want to do without a separate desktop computer, can do just this with a mobile workstation. Similar to the desktop version have significantly more power and better components all desired tasks done quickly and efficiently these devices.

Why buy used laptops?

With our refurbished laptops you can make cheap immerse yourself in the world of mobile PCs. The devices of this category, you are bound by the PC work at no fixed place. So you can take care of their duties at any time at any place. Compact dimensions, low weight and a battery characterize these products. Thanks to the wide distribution and the range of used laptops has become very diverse. Unfortunately, however, many devices are worn underneath. Refurbished laptops from our range are therefore not simply used equipment, but by our experts tested products. So you nasty surprises spared.
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