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Hubs & Switches

Our extensive range of course also includes Hubs & Switches.

These are devices with which you can connect computers to each other. They serve as hubs through which all PCs are networked, thus enabling a fast and secure data exchange. Hubs and switches are mostly used in companies all PCs to network with each other, so that a closed system is created so that data can be transmitted from a networked PC to another quickly.

These are electronic devices that connect to a local area network (LAN) either multiple computers or multiple network segments with different network technologies (eg telephone network). They can also be used to a larger network for the interconnection of multiple networks. Unlike routers, these devices are pure hardware components. You have depending on their function in the network a different number of ports and send or receive within a very short time a huge amount of data packets to individual nodes of the network. To build larger networks (eg in large farms or data centers ) as many switches can be interconnected.

In this category we offer reconditioned switches for every need. Mostly it is in the refurbished devices to Ethernet switches with normal copper cables, which are very often used in the LAN to use and be used there. In addition, we also carry more Fibre Channel switches that transmit the data packets over fiber optic cable. Further still higher layer Ethernet switches are in our range, the control functions allow for example the observation of the traffic from the manageable switch off or an IP filtering.

We sell used and refurbished switches here from renowned manufacturers such as HP, Dell, IBM, Nokia, Cisco Systems, as well as many other switchgear hardware supplier. These were revised by our excellent working team of technicians and inspected and tested to the smallest detail. Most of these used and refurbished equipment a higher number of ports (12, 16, 24 and 48) and are particularly suitable for company networks. For smaller networks and home use , there are switches with 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 ports . There are usually Ethernet switches , the transmission rates of 10, 100 Manage (and, for some devices, 1000) MB/s. Also Fibre Channel switches and Long-Reach Ethernet switches (LREs) for larger networks can be found in our extensive range.

The advantages for you as a customer if you access to used equipment this category you not only save money when buying these products because they are cheaper than new. No, we also offer quality nearly new goods. So if you need products to build a corporate network, you will find devices that accelerate the flow of information within your organization and make data safe.
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