In this category you will find accessories for your notebook. This includes both parts, as well as plug-in cards and security locks. We carry out various components for a variety of models of the well-known manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Acer, Lenovo, and others. However, some of the products are also universally compatible with all devices. Overall, it may be the products are Brand new or refurbished products. Relevant information you can of course refer to the item description.

Which products within this category and what should be taken?

With regard to spare parts, it is mainly on the existing notebook model. The compatible models we have listed for you in the item description under "Compatible". For easy searching, we always give our articles also used by the manufacturer part number with. The installation of the various parts may be different consuming, but it is often supported by the manufacturer by appropriate instructions. The components provided include, for example, webcams, which are usually placed above the display. For example to equip your notebook with a UMTS connection, you can use one of our mini- PCI or mini - PCI Express cards. The latter are used since 2005 in almost all notebooks. The cards are thereby placed directly on the motherboard in the corresponding slot. Also defective wireless cards can thus be replaced to use the common functions can again. Here it is instrumental in the available slot - type and the provided driver. For an anti-theft make our locks for the Kensington Lock, which is present in many different systems, such as for notebooks and monitors. The light emanating from the castle steel cable ends here in an attachment loop, thus ensuring the secure system stays in place. Also you appropriate security anchor of us, so you are completely protected and can protect your investment and data. For mobile use, please see our range also appropriate alarms. In order to upgrade your device again and especially with the time to replace worn materials, we also offer products such as replacement caps for the TrackPoint your keyboard, which can be easily replaced and a new comfort care.

What are the advantages used products against the corresponding virgin

The great added value lies naturally in low price. But you will get the same quality as for virgin for your investment. Our products are all fully refurbished and are thus fully operational. So we offer you the chance to exchange defective components favorable or extend the functionality of your laptop. The acquisition of an antitheft will be worth it in any case.
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