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DDRIII RAM is available in different specifications. Important...


The new memory type DDR4 gets more and more important because...

Notebook DDR II RAM
Notebook DDR II RAM

In DDR2 SDRAM (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access...

Notebook DDR III RAM
Notebook DDR III RAM

The store currently most commonly used in notebooks are DDR3...

Notebook DDR4 Ram
Notebook DDR4 Ram

After about 9 years also follows the notebook, the change from...


Many of today's powered servers and workstations use DDRIII RAM...

Server DDR4 Ram
Server DDR4 Ram

The DDR4 standard replaced after approximately 9 years, known...

The computer's memory, also called RAM or main memory, is one of the central elements of the computer, which is responsible for the performance and efficiency of the system.
The RAM provides a non-volatile memory available, which is required for execution of the programs and the operating system. On the contrary to the hard disk, the RAM stores the data as long as and only temporary, as they are needed by the programs.

A permanent power supply is necessary for the storage of the data. This means that the memory is erased when the computer is shut down and turned off.

Important data while still in the main memory, and may still be needed later, are written to disk during an orderly shutdown of a system. Therefore, it may lead to devastating loss of data when a computer is switched off or the improper operation caused by a power failure.

The main processor of the system applied immediately and directly in read and write mode to the main memory. This at a crucial measure influences the performance of main memory, the performance of the entire system.

In this category you will find a wide range of approved used RAM and depending on Availability as a range of refurbished memory. While it is used in the storage of products which was already in use, refurbished RAM are processed directly from the manufacturer and are almost a virgin.

When choosing the RAM to be used, the user must be aware about the purpose for which his system is to be used. The size of RAM required depends on the requirement profile, which the computer used to correspond to.

More than for the CPU as it is in the main memory to think of the amount of RAM on the potential future needs of the system. The further developments of the popular operating systems usually require first always more memory in order to play the advantages of the new generation accordingly.

RAM is available in a variety of designs can be used , which are particularly dependent on the type and year of production of the system. How to find different types of RAM memories in desktop PC's, laptops, servers, etc. use.

In addition, a RAM module by the size, access speed and data transfer rate associated defined. Here, the user is spoiled for choice as to which performance he needed.

RAMs are operated in the so-called memory banks that are located on the motherboard of the computer and are relatively easy to reach in regulation.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our large selection of used RAM or refurbished memory. While the used memory is the cheapest option to upgrade his computer with the important memory chips, RAM refurbished offer a very good opportunity to acquire almost virgin without having to pay a new price for it.

RAM (Random Access Memory) or RAM / main memory called. This store temporary data that are needed for the execution or processing of applications. The difference between a hard drive is that the RAM data only as long as stores until the power supply is interrupted.

However, there are also so-called NVRAM (non-volatile RAM). That A non-volatile RAM. It stores data even when the power supply is interrupted. Comes with computers used to store the BIOS parameters. Also known as the CMOS RAM.

For example, to upgrade or convert your own PC you need in the first place only the first- mentioned types of memory. There are now back most diverse species. One speaks, for example, of DDR RAM, DDRII RAM or DDRIII RAM.

Also, there are differences between RAM for servers, computers, and laptops.

Well-known manufacturers are, for example, Samsung, Hynix, Nanya, or Elpida.
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