Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN

The Wireless LAN (WLAN for "Wireless Local Area Network") is one of the most important ways a device to the local network to connect to. More and more companies and organizations also support 'bring your own device "(BYOD abbreviated), so the inclusion of private terminals in the local network. This is usually realized by wireless, as it is in most cases to smartphones, tablets or laptops. The data is transmitted on the wireless via a wireless connection to the access point. This is responsible to forward the received data via a cable connection, for example, a switch. Whether a small wireless network installation and professional radio coverage of a company. With us you get for each scenario, the right hand-Fi component.

What are the advantages of a WLAN compared to conventional LAN?

A WLAN is more versatile than a LAN, because the computer no longer have static in one place. Also an extension is much easier, since even conventional wireless access points provide access to a variety of devices easily. In addition, less cabling is needed, since only the access points must be connected with a cable. This saves money and time and reduces the number of cables in the workplace, making a total of more order arises. For many scenarios a WLAN, the easiest way is to connect it all together. In meeting rooms can for example connect each his notebook quickly and easily using the network to request more information or to connect to the projector. Also for your employees much easier. Once you are in range of your wireless Appointments and emails synchronized and kept up to date so that you are always in the best possible way, no matter what job they are.

Why use wireless components used?

We offer refurbished wireless systems for any application. It may be the router for small businesses that provide access to the Internet in addition to a WLAN. Secondly, you can use many of our products for larger installations, such as WLAN controller to manage user, outdoor base stations for coverage of large outdoor areas or base stations for interference-free IP-telephony. Since all systems were overhauled, they work naturally flawless.
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