Also known by the name of motherboard or motherboard. A board on which are installed the various components of a computer. These include the main processor (CPU), memory (RAM), BIOS chip, Northbridge and Southbridge, electricity and various slots for network cards, sound cards, video cards and other expansion cards. In between there are conductor tracks which connect the individual members together.

The division into a North and a South Bridge disappears now, because the functions of these components are now integrated into the CPU itself.

The motherboard is the foundation of any computer. It is connected to the motherboard and the chipset to be able to build everything ready for a functioning computer. Each motherboard essentially consists of a CPU socket, RAM memory banks, data ports (depending on the age of the board SATA or IDE) for SSDs, HDDs or optical drives, and PCI and PCIe (for older models even AGP) slots for graphics cards, sound cards, or other expansion cards, which can be equipped according to individual needs. Motherboards have until recently a Southbridge and Northbridge took over the various tasks which are, however, now been adopted in recent years by the CPU. In addition, each motherboard has a BIOS implemented (basic input / output system), which then makes when a computer starts all the hardware available and to a functioning computer.

Boards are available in various sizes, whether it is to go for a full-tower, mid-tower or desktop design, through to small form factor. The most common formats are motherboard ATX, Mini-ATX Micro- ATX, ITX, Micro-ITX and Nano-ITX.

Furthermore, there are motherboards in various Leitsungs and price ranges. So there is the right motherboard for practically all demands. Whether more than one graphics card connectors, modern chipsets with USB 3.0 and SATA-600 or classic, used motherboards for the home office for a small price with slightly older technology. Both for gamers as well as for graphic designers or just opportunity users there is a wide range of motherboards. Technically, maintained, reconditioned, refurbished motherboards called, are a very good way to save a lot of money, because as varied as the demands on motherboards and PC are hardware are also available budget. Thus, used motherboards are a very good idea if you want to build a cheap computer, no matter whether. Than replacement board, reserve board or for a reconstruction of a PC.

Motherboards differ essentially by the two major processor manufacturers that also have specific processor sockets and chipsets. So there is AMD socket motherboards with current sockets as AM3, AM3 +, FM1, FM2 and FM2+, and Intel motherboards that can come up with bases such as 775, 1155, 1156, 1366 or 2011. The different bases are suitable for different processors and support different technologies depending on the technique of RAM, PCI cards or other peripherals. Since the wear and tear on computer hardware mostly concerns the structure parts (CPU, RAM, HDD, graphics card, power supply ), they can recondition ideal. So you can save with refurbished motherboards quite a bit of money for technically sound hardware.

The best known and most prestigious manufacturer of motherboards are Asus, Gigabyte, Elitegroup, Sapphire, Asrock, Intel, or Soltek. In addition, there are also manufacturers such as Dell, HP, NEC and Fujitsu Systems that produce motherboards for personal computers, but they are not usually designed in the standard formats.
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