Even short TV for Television ( coined from the Greek tele = remote , and Latin visio = See Release sight). Refers to devices that are used to receive and display a centrally shipped signal (referred to colloquially as a television signal). Televisions are now part of the opinion of the population and over 95% of all households in Germany has at least one TV set. After the initial and now outdated very large flat panel displays CRT displays have become standard.

What should you look for when buying a television?

Besides the obvious characteristics such as size, price and installation options, you should definitely pay attention to some key figures when buying a TV. The main points we have listed below for you to save you mispurchases and subsequent trouble.

The technique used

When looking for a TV to fall on a straight designations such as LED or LCD. These describe the technique used on the TV. LED over LCD power saving and can even be a better representation. But this will not be fully utilized by the manufacturers. The Edge LED production enables very thin and cheap devices, but it can not in the illumination of the screen entirely convincing. If you want a very good contrast should resort to a plasma TV, but then you must also take the higher power consumption and a lower brightness in purchasing . You should first determine which properties are most important is therefore essential.

Connection options

In most cases, the connections current TV perfectly adequate. However, some terminals are cut out of a part of the manufacturer. The SCART connector which is used for example for older video recorder, is often no longer available. It should also be ensured that a possibly existing sound system can be connected (usually via Toslink fiber optic connection). The HDMI connector is adjustable in most cases available and is standard. Various other ports are optional depending on model and manufacturer. The network support is included by default in the rule. WLAN but sometimes allows only via optional USB stick.


For features such as 3D support or access to web services like Facebook, YouTube and the like, you should previously inform exactly. Required 3D glasses do not usually include the scope of delivery and must be purchased subsequently to it. The 3D feature is the need to purchase some additional hardware devices via retrofitted without a new TV.
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