user software
user software

The user software is now one of the most comprehensive...

operating Systems
operating Systems

The operating system (or even just BS, or OS for Operating...

Security software
Security software

With security software you usually connect immediately antivirus...

Games software
Games software

Colloquially, the term computer game or video game is often used...

Programs for a computer should always take three basic tasks. They should allow for fast, trouble-free operation. Compatibility, synchronization and lean processes define another common point at which a computer can be evaluated for its efficiency and timeliness.

Not least, security is a big issue. Finally unauthorized persons should either manually or via the Internet get easy access.

And off you go, the operating systems

Computer boot up and ready? Not quite. Before we start with the work that must be found for the right operating system. It is a compilation of various program elements, which take over the basic functions of the computer.

Each computer is always equipped with a complex of hardware, so that the so-called system resources such as disk, memory, and input and output devices to be coordinated. For operating systems are like an interface between the hardware and the application programs. In brief we can say that they assume all basic system tasks from start to shutdown. They coordinate the communication user, start and stop program runs properly and manage the necessary drivers.

Programs, practical tool

These are the application options that make it possible to work with a PC. By definition, it is for computer programs to statements that are based on a specific programming language, and consist of a combination of declarations and instructions. Simply put, they contain one or more applications that provide certain functions.

In addition, a distinction is made between different types of programs. Source machine programs or for example consist of a particular intermediate code. In addition, main programs, whose functions are supplemented by so-called batch programs. Basically programs have a direct duty to offer the solution to users' problems. What "problems" that is, the products are defined by their abilities themselves games, consumer electronics, text and table handling are included as well as special functions and business administration.

Software, the big picture

While it is the physical components of the computer with the hardware, the software solution includes the compilation of executable program elements, together with the required data. The software packages rely on the digital data of the hardware. On the basis of this, the elementary tasks of the program sequences are provided.

The different types of software products based on the various working conditions and the available resources. System software and system software is defined by its proximity to the hardware and the user. In addition, a distinction is made between standard software and custom software. Finally software is distinguished according to the type of the resulting process results and the type of integration into the system.
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