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processors and cpu

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Computer components are all important ingredients that are necessary to operate a PC system This includes the so-called "other stuff " and case or housing, as well as the built- in additional components. Thus, the hard disk storage device, the graphics card or even to supply the serving with power supply. Without motherboard would not deserve the name of only one PC system. Then turn are installed the aforementioned graphics card, processor, or else the memory or RAM. Without a keyboard and mouse, such a system could not operate naturally. All these components can be found here. Below we provide a brief overview of all the listed quality products in our range and are delighted when you will find them here and recommend us.

So we offer high quality and efficient power supplies, with which you can save a lot of money and power. The computer power supplies can be purchased as a used or refurbished power supplies power supplies. Most PC buyers tend to focus more on the performance of the hard drive, the processor or the graphics card. It is a powerful PSU is of great importance, so that your PC can work without problems.

We also offer used graphics cards in our range. The small calculating monster have their own memory and processor. Both components are located on the same board. With ever more intensive programs and games, it happens very often that the whole system and its performance depends entirely on the graphics card. These are also, separately cooled because of the resulting high -performance heat. Our video cards are all nearly new. It is worthwhile to take a look at the offer of our graphics cards.

In addition, we offer including IDE, SATA and SAS hard drives as used or refurbished hard disk drives. Then you can store all types of media such as text, images, games or entire operating systems, and make available at all times. The reconditioned hard drives offer high quality and also the used hard drives can be personalized with their reasonable prices quite see.

Even used processors can beat the heart of your computer yet so some time and can increase its rhythm. Who wants to be sure of the product quality, the offers of our CPU 's can look. When you buy a CPU must be taken to ensure that the processor type fits well with the socket on the motherboard. The most used CPU 's can still take over all resulting computational tasks. When looking for high quality and reasonable prices, the bargain hunting is worth under the category of processors.

Of course, we also offer all kinds of refurbished second-hand store next to memory. It is the memory which is integrated on the motherboard and in the payload, so to speak during the activity of the system were always available stored. The biggest difference to the hard disk is that data is not stored in the memory when the power supply is interrupted. In our category for memory tracking down and buy used store is truly a breeze. Among our refurbished store, of course you will also find the popular manufacturers such as Hynix, Samsung, Elpida or Nanya.
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