Server cabinet

Server cabinet

A server cabinet, also referred to as data or network cabinet is essential from a certain size of the network infrastructure. In it most of the company not only find the server space, but also wiring and possibly even PABX system and UPS are assembled here. For this reason, we are in the selection of our products is high quality finished and various additional options. If it is refurbished server cabinets, they are naturally clean and fully functional.

What makes a server cabinet?

In most cases, it is 19 "server racks. This refers to the width and is standardized. Switches, patch panels, rack servers and other hardware can be installed easily (depending on the device, however, additional mounting material may be necessary). On many devices, there is also a direct attribution, identifying them as rackfähig.

In addition, a certain number of rack units (U) is always given. Since this is also stated on many devices with, so you can just plan what systems you can put in each network cabinet. Note here that modules for cable ducts or shelves occupy a certain number of rack units. If in doubt, it is best to take a slightly larger cabinet as needed. Thus, new systems can be added without having to replace the cabinet as this usually represents a high cost.

Which server cabinet is best suited, always depends on the particular use. For space distributor or smaller environments, even a 12U model suffice. Should also server and UPS are housed with, is usually resorted to larger models with example. 42U.

Because the server cabinet is often the control center for the entire network, many models offer additional ventilation. This should be used especially when a large number of occupied height units. To ensure that no unauthorized person gets to the inside of the cabinets usually are lockable.

Additional accessories can be naturally obtained directly from us. Shelves offer for example. Place for a monitor or input devices and modules for cable management to maintain order. This eases the workload of the respective devices sometimes enormous.
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