Laser printers and color laser printers

In this category you will find the essential accessories for any computer printer. New equipment as well as used laser printers achieve the same goal. You transfer existing in the computer virtual text, graphics or tables on tangible paper. Only paper is the medium that you archive, sign or can safely ship. In principle, also refurbished laser printers are characterized by high speed and a razor-sharp prints. Due to their comparatively high reliability, easy maintenance and low operating costs they stand out positively from the inkjet printers.

Wie funktionieren Laserdrucker?

Laser printers are called page printers because they print per printing an entire page at once. To this end, the computer transmitted to the laser printer the full image of the page to be printed, which then reflects on his head drum of this by laser beam. After this dry the exposed areas of paint powder, the toner adopted, it transfers the finished printed image in a printing on the paper. Black-and-white printer to print only black toner, color laser printers in the three color toner in the primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow are additionally used. Head drum and toner cartridges, the main wear parts can be easily and cleanly replace, the laser printer is used as the new model then immediately ready for operation.

What should I look for when buying a laser printer?

A pure black-and-white laser printer is the ideal model, if no color prints, high-quality graphics or images are required, since a B / W laser printer, as opposed to a color laser printer, type of construction does not produce the necessary shades of gray. This is dominated by a color laser printer by mixing the colors of its four toner cartridges. However, these high quality quadruples the cost per page. The text qualities of a B / W laser printer are impressive even without the use of colored toners, of course, at our used printers. Compared with a color laser printer, a B / W laser printer more pages per minute output, since the entire printing process must be managed only one color.

Starting from the basic model, the more features of the laser printer is governed by the requirements of the application. For a desktop printer ranges from a USB port. The laser printer for workgroups or departments, however, must be able to be controlled over a network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. With additional paper trays or paper reversing function here saves you the way to the manual paper replacement during printing, a sorter separates with multiple print a document the matching sheets ready to hand in individual trays.

With us you get refurbished and used printers from leading manufacturers. These include HP, Canon, Lexmark, Dell and Zebra.
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