Thermal printers and barcode label-printers

Labels, but also have similar printing products, such as admission tickets, tickets, receipts and barcode awards are printed with a special process, the thermal pressure. In principle, there are two options: thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing. In thermal transfer printing, a ribbon is required. During the printing process while the transfer film is pressed together with the label material and heated to over 80 degrees.

The ink particles of the transfer film burn yourself in the process a to the label material. It can be a variety of materials are printed, also, for example, plastic or metal. The film is unusable after a single printing operation and is wound by an electric motor back and can then be disposed of. In direct thermal printing, however, no transfer film is required, however, can only be printed on special light-sensitive label paper.

Thermal transfer printer always dominate both printing processes: the direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. Direct thermal printers are. Due to the lack of roles for the direct transfer foil, small and handy and therefore widely used as a mobile label printer Often they are used in the food industry or in the supply for the fast printing shipping labels.

Label printers are equipped depending on the model with different accessories, whereby the label printing is much easier in a big way. Almost all label printers are provided with a sharp metal edge to which the individual labels can be separated from the endless carrier. An improved form of this is the cut mode. Programmatically separates a knife from the labels of the roll of material that can be the case only after several pieces. With a peel-off mode, the labels are even peeled off.

The buyer of a label printer should also pay attention to the following characteristics: Is the print speed high enough so that enough labels can be printed for each specific need? Can a roll of backing material are simple and straightforward inserted into the printer? The labels can be printed with a sufficient width?

It makes sense, even if a new print head or a roller can be replaced quickly and without the use of tools. Label printer up scale also an interface to the PC so that templates can be printed directly from the computer and have also stored internally a number of different fonts and barcodes. This extends the application possibilities of the thermal printer.

Also used thermal printer perform these functions and are cheap to buy. Often new label printer with many additional functions are relatively expensive. Here offers a used label printer or a used thermal printer.
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