Audio & Video Cable

Audio & Video Cable

Almost all equipment used for display of screen images or reproduction of sound are connected by cable. Because not always the appropriate cable is included with the device you will find a selection of the most necessary cables for video and audio signals. Even external systems and devices, such as a home theater system, music systems, televisions or cameras can be connected to the PC. For this purpose, additional special cables are used, some of which are available from us.

Video Cables

Standard computer monitors can be connected via VGA , DVI , HDMI or DisplayPort cable . In addition to these standard cables and manufacturer-specific Y-cable are possible, which are connected to the computer and then deploy for example, two DVI ports for monitors. Even modern televisions come standard with multiple HDMI ports to use the TV as a monitor on the computer or a . Often a VGA port on the TV is available , which is bad but in the image quality , which is why HDMI should be preferably used. If you want to receive the TV signal directly on the computer You need an additional TV card , which is then connected to the antenna cable. Depending on the model to offer TV cards also possible via RCA cable connected to the TV to watch movies or TV series record directly on the PC and save it to your hard drive. Cameras are also frequently connected via BNC cable. However, you also need an extension for this card because this port is not present by default on your computer.

Audio cable

In many monitors boxes for sound playback are already integrated. These can be in most cases with a 3.5mm jack cable (both sides a plug) to connect to the sound card of the computer. In order, for example, to use the sound of the home theater system or the stereo system and the computer, currently optical Toslink cables offer because of this connection required by many manufacturers is provided. Even on the computer, the optical audio port often is standard and is denoted by S / PDIF. If you are missing a desired port on the computer this can often be retrofitted by a separate sound card. In addition, also include HDMI cable to the audio cables because the HDMI standard supports simultaneous transmission of video and audio signals. This advantage of the HDMI technology is especially evident in the combination of PC and TV, as no separate cable for audio signal is required.
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