Server Power Supplies

Server Power Supplies

In our assortment you will find many servers of the well-known manufacturers, but you will not only receive complete systems from us. We also offer a large selection of server accessories, including power supplies. Finally, the latter differ in some cases significantly from the models that are used in the desktop PC. What you should look for when buying and how to find the right component for your system is explained below.

What are the differences between server power supplies?

Depending on the manufacturer and application, a different power supply may be required for the respective server. First and foremost, of course, they differ in their overall performance. If you are looking for a replacement, you should therefore ensure that the performance is as identical as possible so that all hardware components can continue to be supplied without any problems. But there are other features as well.

Server power supplies are often manufactured in a modular design. So they are not inserted and then wired, but merely pushed into the appropriate slot of the system. In most cases a redundant power supply is possible. Then simply multiple server power supplies are used and connected to the power grid. If there is a defect with one power supply, the other automatically takes over the supply of the system. The defective can usually be replaced during operation.

Furthermore, the format of the power supply usually depends on the size of the server. In a rack server, the power supplies therefore often have an elongated, but flat, shape. A bracket at the end allows easy insertion and a lock provides a firm and secure grip in the housing. Of course, there are also servers in which the power supply is more reminiscent of the models of a desktop PC and which are bolted accordingly and subsequently connected to the hardware.

How do I choose the right power supply?

If you have purchased your server as a complete system, ie from a manufacturer such as Dell, Lenovo or HP, you can usually find the right power supply based on the respective part number. This is often found on the component or is specified in the corresponding maintenance manual. However, you should also pay attention to the correct overall performance, since there can be quite different designs.

If it is not possible to find a power supply unit with the replacement part number or if the system has already been assembled from individual components anyway, the model number of the actual manufacturer of the power supply unit usually helps. Either there is already a replacement or you can at least check the exact specifications and specifications. Afterwards a substitute component can be selected with these.

Can used power supplies still be used safely?

Of course, all used and refurbished server power supplies that you will find with us, checked for their function. So they offer an unrestricted function and can be used like new power supplies. We always give the exact condition of the component as accurately as possible and also list all components of the scope of delivery. Likewise, there are many new server power supplies in our shop, so you have the ultimate freedom of choice. If you have questions about a product or are not sure whether the chosen server power supply is compatible with your system, you can of course contact us at any time.
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