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The notebook is one of many today is a constant companion. Whether for work, with friends or on business trips, as in the airplane. It is always present and is therefore not exposed to some rare strains. In order to transport it safely, is a suitable laptop bag therefore essential. So that you can always rely on the functionality of your laptop, we offer various laptop bags for different purposes in our range. Here we observe a solid finish, as well as innovative features and rely on well-known manufacturers, such as Dicota, who have established themselves through experience and quality on the market.

What differences are there in notebook bags

In addition to the various colors and designs to visually to ensure that certain something to notebook cases differ in many respects. First and foremost, of course, the size is important so that the notebook inside has a solid grip. Most pockets offer an additional compartment for the power supply, an optical mouse, and other articles of daily use, such as pens, pads or even your smartphone. Larger models also include compartments for documents or folders. For easy carrying a handle or a padded shoulder strap is either available, but there are also models on casters so you can be used as a trolley. Extra-resistant notebook bags are distinguished by reinforced frame or very durable material. Some are also made of water resistant material such as nylon, which your device is optimally protected against all eventualities. Occasional collisions or the case of low height are then no longer a problem. In addition, many of the bags also a lock to prevent unauthorized access to the device which, together with the important data to obtain.

Those who want to take more than just his laptop, can best access to pockets with so-called universal tray. These subjects are also well padded and offer enough space to eg a projector or portable printer to store additionally. They are therefore ideal for the field service to the customer all the necessary equipment to have on hand and to be prepared for any situation. No matter for what purpose, there are guaranteed the right Notebook bag.
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