UPS & Power Supply

UPS & Power Supply

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply (UPS English = Uninterruptible Power Supply) and is at the present time when computers will process various programs and important data reliably, become indispensable. A UPS is supplying one or more devices with power if the mains voltage collapses. In addition, UPS systems offer protection against power surges and spikes.

areas of application

UPS systems are used primarily for PCs, servers, telephone systems, control systems, alarm systems, emergency power supplies such as emergency lighting, POS systems and automated industrial equipment.

Components of a UPS

The heart of a UPS is in battery and the electronic control system, which is responsible for monitoring the power quality and voltage. Mostly batteries are inserted provision for a life of five or ten years. It is recommended that the batteries have a life span of five years to replace after only four years. Batteries with a maturity of ten years should be replaced after nine years of operation.

UPS types and operation

There are generally three types of UPS. The first variant is called Off-Line UPS protects against power failures, power sags and surges. If a voltage fluctuation or power failure, the offline UPS will automatically switch to battery operation. A disadvantage of this variant is due to the lack of monitoring of the built-in battery and the non-existent filter with respect to the upper and lower shafts.

Interactive USV

With this power supply UPS mixing process between online and offline technology is applied. Through a processor voltage irregularities are detected and the UPS will turn on. Advantage of the UPS is especially the extremely short time of switching. Therefore, it is ideally suited for smaller servers or telephone systems.

Online USV

An online UPS is supplying for example, a server with constant voltage. The mains voltage is only used for charging the battery. Through the UPS power supply a constant stream quality is offered without voltage fluctuations. In addition, there is no switchover time, what this UPS ideal for sensitive network servers and communication systems.

The cost of UPS systems are very different depending on requirements. The most expensive form, the online UPS dar. In our assortment you will find many cars with UPS's. From the reliability and technology you have used with UPS's no disadvantages, as the main components have all been technically revised and these devices thereby guarantee flawless operation.


UPS serve for a permanent quality power supply and protect computer systems or telephone systems against failures. A UPS provides power even if the AC power is unavailable. Through the technique of online UPS power surges and power failures is the past. UPS's whether second-hand or refurbished always deliver their performance. A so-called Refurbished UPS offers a very cost-effective entry.
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