Disk enclosure and Storages

Disk enclosure and Storages

The term Storage different storage solutions are summarized. It is separate and distinct systems, which may have different components. In many cases, for example, RAID controller are pre-installed and also for connecting to network or server often have several options to choose from. It is generally divided into three sections that contain various storage technologies and differ in specific properties. Large manufacturers of storage solutions include NetApp, Fujitsu, HP, Dell, Sun and IBM.

What are the different technologies are available and what are the specifics ?

Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

These systems consist of a special case in which the disks are used. They also have an interface, such as SCSI or SAS, for the connection to the host (eg, a server) will be used. The client access is possible only via the host. Return, but the memory behaves exactly as if it were used directly in the server. Some of these systems are also used to enhance the other memory technologies. In this case, the NAS or the SAN, the host controller. The great advantage of these devices is the relatively small amount of hardware. In addition, the cooling of the hard drives
done separately so they do not care in the server for increased heat.
Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A NAS provides all clients provided with appropriate access memory. Often these are also used in the private network to store eg music and movies, all machines can access or even TV and receiver on then. The systems take on one or more hard drives and allow multiple RAID configurations to. They can also be good to use as backup drives because they allow a central and easy storage. In addition, the devices can also have connectors such as USB, eSATA or SD card reader and a connection to the internet is also increasingly possible.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

These systems, as the name suggests, a private storage network ready. They can be made more compatible DAS devices that are connected via the SAN controller to the network. The connection is usually carried out over fiber, but is also possible via copper lines. Because this solution provides the best performance and availability, it is generally used only in companies. The structure of these systems is compared to the standard network, very similar, and also happen switches and routers. The possibility of multiple storage groups to use at the same time on different servers, is derHauptvorteil these systems.

What are the advantages and cars storage systems

Our products are refurbished storage solutions in different areas. The devices have therefore completely through our refurbishing process and were checked for function. In addition, they were also worked up to give you even a long time of satisfactory service. The advantage is not only the much lower price, but also the often pre-installed hard drives that save you more investments.
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