An adapter referred to in the IT world generally a hardware or software component that is used to various interfaces to connect to each other, which are actually incompatible with each other. As a software component may also be a program that performs a simple conversion of the data format. The hardware adapter is divided into four sub-regions, which are divided according to the types of data being transmitted.

Display Adapter

To transmit video signals from the computer to the monitor, there are different standards. In order to ensure compatibility between these standards, there are several adapters which for example allow a monitor with a VGA port on a computer to operate with DVI output. In addition to these standardized adapters that can be used with any computer, there are also vendor-specific adapter that can be used mostly only on certain models. This may be e.g. act to Y-cables that are attached with a plug on the connector of the display card and then have 2 ports for monitors.


You can find the biggest selection from the USB adapters. These are often used by a PC equipped with additional interfaces. An older printer or scanner, you can, for example, often continue to use by using a USB-LPT adapter. In addition, there are also so-called external sound and graphics cards that are operated via USB and enable the connection of additional monitors or sound devices. Increase the widespread USB hubs for the number of available USB ports. Important here, however, is that you should use a powered USB hub if you want to connect external hard drives or similar at the USB hub, since these hubs have their own power supply.


Network adapter can be used to make a hard drive or a USB device networkable. This can range from small devices with a USB port or to complete a housing where the hard drive is used, act. The USB LAN adapters are also often referred to as device server and can, for example, be used with several workstations simultaneously access a printer that is otherwise only a USB interface for a PC.

Host Bus Adapter (HBA)

In order to connect hard disks or other storage devices to the computer system host bus adapter used. These can be found in any USB hard drive enclosure and ensure the implementation between SATA and USB port. In addition, there are also adapters for overseas use an IDE hard drive to a SATA port.
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