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computer monitors
computer monitors

In order to write texts on the PC and read or to watch movies,...


Even short TV for Television ( coined from the Greek tele =...


A video projector is a projector, which receives a video signal...

game consoles
game consoles

A game console (also simply called console) is a complete system...

The word video comes from the Latin and means "I see" . In this category we have therefore listed all the products for you, which can be considered as a subcategory of the term. In addition to monitors for computer workstations include TV sets, projectors and media to do so. Of course, you also get matching accessories and spare parts here in this category.


For monitors it comes next to the desired Intended use also depends on the size and resolution. Therefore, we provide you with an ever-growing range of equipment ready , allowing you to find exactly the right product for you.


Due to their wide range of applications TV sets are no longer used exclusively in the living room . They can also be connected to the PC and for example be used as digital information board for important office data for each employee display throughout. The network support is now part of the standard equipment and makes television so also for developers of other useful applications more interesting.


whether projectors for home theater or presentations and lectures in the company. With us you are sure to find the right model. We offer equipment from different manufacturers . Among these special devices for short distances will also find how to be prepared to mobile systems at the customer for everything. Maybe our used projectors are interesting for you, because here you can save money and still get reliable and robust systems . Of course, the devices are fully tested for functionality and may have only optical traces of use.


To not to damage the expensive hardware and safe to install we offer high quality mounting material such as Brackets for ceiling or feet . For projectors , we also offer replacement bulbs for various models . Here we consider not only quality products but also on service. We ship the ordered parts as quickly as possible so that you can use your device as usual again and downtime is kept low.
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