matrix printer

matrix printer

In addition to the well-known inkjet and laser printers, matrix printers have become established in the market. These include in particular Nadeldrucker, which are used in many areas of the industry, since they are usually particularly robust designed and therefore also suitable for areas in the warehouse or a workshop.

The term matrix printer is derived from the Latin word mater and means source or also origin. In physics and mathematics, however, the structure or arrangement of elements is usually meant. The latter already indicates the actual printing process, since any characters and graphics on these devices are generated by a dot matrix.

Nadeldrucker are practically synonymous to the Matrixdrucker today, even if this is basically not quite correct. However, this follows from the fact that the dot matrix is ??usually clearly visible in the needle printer. The printhead consists of several needles which ultimately print the paper, whereby the result of the printing process is piecemeal.

Here you will find a variety of used matrix printers which are suitable for many areas of application in companies. From the reliable and robust Nadeldrucker for banks, medical practices and other industries, to the compact printer for the protocol production practically everything is there. Even on construction sites and in dusty production halls, the equipment is effortless.

Furthermore, the used Nadeldrucker have many other characteristics. Not only is it possible to print any type of paper in a document-safe manner, but also the printing of continuous paper is possible, with punch-through. Due to the low maintenance intensity, the matrix printers also remain cost-effective in everyday operation.
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