game consoles

game consoles

A game console (also simply called console) is a complete system that is used to run video games. Today, however, the various models offer many more functions so that they can become fully functional entertainment system also fast. The reproduction of audio CDs and movies is almost a trifle. They also offer the opportunity to surf the Internet, play content from the network, and other functions. We offer used and refurbished game consoles of the major manufacturers, such as Microsoft and Sony.



Originally Sony should develop only a CD drive as an extension for the Super Nintendo. However, Nintendo signed a contract with Philips and established himself as one of today's biggest competitors. Sony developed the PlayStation finally even further and published them in this country on September 29, 1995. Since then the company is one of the renowned manufacturers in the market and is presented to date with the PlayStation 4, which was launched in November 2013.


Also among the market leaders in the field of game consoles Microsoft heard, even if the first Xbox was released only in 2002. Just three years later, the very successful Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. Today, as a counterpart to Microsoft with the Xbox One of the biggest competitor for Sony and has already achieved 9.1 million units sold December 2014.

Which console is the best?

This question can be answered not generally. The consoles manufacturer, are similar in the generations much. Thus, for example, use the current models AMD processors and graphics chips and also have a similar performance. In the selection, what may be, for example, based thereon, which console is used among friends, to play together later.
Furthermore, there is for each console so-called exclusive title. These are the games to be published exclusively on the relevant console and receive no porting to other consoles or the PC. Here are games available that you do not want to miss, the decision is almost like.

Why not a gaming PC?

Of course you can completely rely on a PC when it comes to video games. Games consoles but offer the following advantages over the conventional computer.


A game such as is purchased for the Xbox 360, running on that 100%. You do not have to worry about any hardware requirements or even upgrades here.


To play, you need to take any special settings on the graphics card or other components. Similarly, you need to install any driver updates to take advantage of the latest games.
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