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Cables and Adapters

The amount of different cables and adapters is particularly great in ... more...

An adapter referred to in the IT world generally a hardware or...

Audio & Video Cable

Almost all equipment used for display of screen images or...

Data Transfer Cable

This data between the computer and the desired peripheral may be...


In this category you will find the right KVM cables for a variety...

System & Power Cables

For power supply different power cable in the IT sector are...

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Cables and Adapters

The amount of different cables and adapters is particularly great in computer systems and their peripherals. Anyone who has installed and connected in one or more computers with the respective auxiliary equipment is safe ever come into the situation that a cord or suitable adapter was missing. In this category, you will find everything you need to be prepared for every situation all around. We carry both standard cable, as well as special cables that are suitable only for certain models of a manufacturer.

What different products, in this category?

Firstly, there is of course the pure adapters that serve to another to implement a port type. But also active adapter, that such additionally adjust the signal for another interface, we lead in this area. In addition, a so-called Y- cable is used by some manufacturers, two monitors are operated at a terminal with the. This can also be found with us, of course, that is labeled as to which models they are compatible. For audio and video cables increasingly counts the processing so that the signals are transmitted error-free and eg no restrictions on image quality problems. We also perform various lengths and types, so you wherever you wish to connect your devices together without having to put next to each other. Data transfers both inside of the computer, and outside instead. Therefore, we not only offer you different USB cable to connect the periphery, but also, for example, SATA cable to connect an additional hard drive to the motherboard. Special KVM cables are used for KVM switches that allow a monitor, including the mouse and keyboard on multiple systems to use. These are available in part only on selected models, which is why we provide you with a selection of different cables here. Of course, we also offer power cord, which are either used to the power supply to the computer, server or notebook computer to connect. But connecting cable for the use of a UPS are in our range, as usually contained sufficient not included for all devices.

Why the use of used cables and adapters?

All cables and adapter are fully tested by our trained staff. Moreover, these are also processed, so you can take advantage of the refurbished cables and adapters without restrictions. You can, therefore, for low price all the required connection cables you need for your systems, get with us and can use safely. This have to do everything naturally without having to worry about the quality, finally here is the long-term functionality in the foreground.
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