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input Devices

All devices that are used for entering data on the computer, we introduce in this category. These include first and foremost, of course keyboards and mice, but with the increasing number of different computer systems also more input options have been established. For this reason, there are also specially designed for notebooks and tablets products or those that allow you the features you're used to from the notebook PC nowadays. We offer a variety of different input devices from renowned manufacturers such as cherry and Dicota, which ensure the quality and durability of their products for several years for high customer satisfaction.

What are the different input devices are there?

A keyboard or mouse is like today hardly another, as for example ergonomic design and other characteristics, such as a backlight are becoming increasingly popular. When choosing the appropriate device therefore depends critically on the intended purpose and their own needs. If you have already after a short time an unpleasant feeling when typing, this is an indication that the keyboard is not suitable for you may. When buying you should also pay attention to the key layout (QWERTZ in Germany is generally the default). In the field of gaming keyboards are frequently encountered on the concept mechanically. Since this is a good keystroke is achieved, but these get a lot of encouragement in other areas. Especially for enterprise use is more device classes over the years have developed and are now an integral part. How to Apply bar code scanner, the product detection or smart card reader for example, reading of the patient data in a doctor's office. In both devices, it comes down to ease of use and compatibility with the desired program and the operating system used. For CAD applications, or other drawing programs professional graphic tablets are a perfect extension to ease the workload. They provide many useful functions and therefore worthwhile for industries from different areas, such as Architectural firms. If you have a notebook without a numeric keypad, and this can be upgraded separately via the USB port. In addition, there are now touchpad for the computer, if this type of operation is preferred. Due to the increasing proliferation of touch screens, also the offer of digital pens is growing. However, the prerequisite is that the screen also supports this. Almost every manufacturer but is already offering at least one device, with appropriate assistance. Most commonly, these are to be found in the notebook, tablet and convertible range.

Why use used input devices?

Our used products are naturally subjected to a detailed review and cleaned as part of the refurbishing process. You can therefore use this refurbished keyboards and mice fully and get to a price that is significantly below the replacement value. Due to the long life and high quality materials so you get reliable input devices, with which you can work comfortably. Of course, we additionally offer you various products as new.
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