Whether in their daily work, at home or on the road. Computer systems surround us almost everywhere. These include long gone only desktop PCs, notebooks and servers, but also also network hardware, smartphones and tablets, because here also happen the same basic characteristics. In this category we offer you a wide range of devices of different areas. The selection ranges from affordable entry systems to professional servers for continuous operation. Of course, you can also order accessories for a variety of models from well-known manufacturers.

What qualities have computer systems

Every computer and every computer-based system is characterized by yourself some key technical data and certain components. This is for example to the processor which has one or more cores, the computing power is expressed in GHz. They are manufactured, among others, from Intel and AMD, but especially in the mobile sector, other manufacturers have established. In conjunction with the memory, the processor can perform calculations and ultimately run programs. The total capacity is, as the processing power of the processor, decisive for the speed of the system. For the presentation, and graphic calculations, the graphics card is responsible, which is increasingly well integrated directly into the CPU. For storing data also disks of different technologies are available. Depending on the type of system the components are permanently installed or replaced.

What should I look at buying?

If you've ever bought a notebook or a new smartphone knows how many different devices are there and how hard it is to keep track. Unfortunately, can be defined that represent the perfect system for everyone no precise data. Overall, there is always a lot on your own requirements and the desired applications. Thus, for example, can Notebooks with lower performance characterized by high battery life. For servers, in turn, the possible number of hard drives play an important role for the future to have enough storage capacity. Last but not least, the power consumption is an increasingly important factor in today's IT infrastructures.

Why it is to make good use of used computer systems?

With us get used PCs and other devices that have been completely overhauled by the manufacturer or by us. You may have smaller optical traces of use are, however, technically flawless. You offer the same quality and reliability as new equipment, at a significantly lower price. This will allow you due to low cost and professional networking hardware with more features, such as firewalls or VPN router, use and benefits of these systems to use. Likewise, our refurbished computers and servers are a good way to expand your company network and provide for new requirements.
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