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Server Power Supplies

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The server is one of the most important systems on the corporate network. In him all the important data is stored and applications installed so that at any time access must be possible. So exactly this goal is met without constraints, we provide high-quality server equipment, which helps to promote the productivity in your business and protect important data. Incorrect components and incompatible hardware can reduce not only the performance but also cause permanent damage to the server, which may even lead to total failure. We have in our range original spare parts and components from different manufacturers, such as HP, Fujitsu, IBM, Dell and others.

What it is the accessories to look out for?

Our offer extends from internal components, peripherals, up to installation material, various important data should be noted. Everything you need to upgrade a server, such as Memory and processors, you find a better overview in the separate areas. In this category we offer, among other parts, which were designed specifically for certain models or devices of a specific manufacturer. The relevant information relating to compatibility are always in his description of the item. Similarly, we also offer expansion cards and similar components that can be used in several systems. This provides, for example, other interfaces, both for connecting to networks, as well as external storage devices. In this case, you should pay particular attention to the fact that the slot is needed is available and ready drivers for the operating system you are using. To
Storage of very large amounts of data, you can also rely on one of our tape drives, which offer different capacities and connection options, so that the right equipment is available for every application. In addition, we also offer products for use in a 19 inch rack. Shelves offer for example a secure garaging for different devices, how can hard drives for backup or mouse and keyboard, and they are easy to install and use even subsequently . More data to which, for example, the maximum load or include exact measurements, please refer here directly the item description.

What is the advantage used Server Accessories

All products we offer are checked under strict guidelines and the refurbishing subjected process. This gives you not only a safe way to upgrade your server and provide them with other functions, but also benefit from the same quality as would be the case when new. Thus, the refurbished server accessories are the cheapest and easiest solution at the same time to expand the existing system.
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