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In this category you will find the heart of any computer, laptop or server. The CPU "central processing unit". Also known as the processor or microprocessor. Without a processor no computer would work. The CPU accepts all resulting computational tasks of a computer.

What is the processor?

The processor, or CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the core of every computer. To form the brain of the computer in which all the data processing and control of the surrounding components can be performed. Since the performance of a system depends to a large extent by the processor, often it's enough to exchange for a faster CPU used. In servers, multiple processor sockets are usually available, allowing a straightforward extension can be carried out here in order to achieve more power. At the server a used processor

is often used when a new in comparison to the age of the server is no longer economical and profitable. For processors there are different specifications. About different clock frequencies of the processor, number of cores, size of level caches up to the used base, is like hardly a processor type to the other. It is therefore important to carefully pay attention to of compatibility for buyers.

What should consider when buying a new or refurbished CPU are respected?

Due to the range of different processors, it is important to check exactly which come into question for you. The choice of a processor depends primarily on the available socket on your motherboard if you want to replace the current through a refurbished CPU. A simple change of the manufacturer (eg, from AMD to Intel) is not possible without a simultaneous exchange of the mainboard. Once you have clarified this point, you can best compare the selected CPU with your old processor. Above all, the clock speed, cache size (L1, L2 and L3 cache) and of course the number of CPU cores play a role here. The greater the respective data, the faster the CPU. The TDP (Thermal Power Desgin ) indicates how much power is required to cool the CPU. In addition, it should be mentioned that CPU's are sold as bulk or retail. In the bulk version you get only the processor itself In the retail version, you still get a fan (possibly including fasteners) to do so. Used processors predominantly as bulk version.

What advantages does one replace the processor?

The main advantage is of course the increasing overall performance. Often the replacement of the CPU is but also to the current requirements of the software again to meet and you do not have the same buy a whole new system. Especially with refurbished processors will save you more money, because in this case you can take the fan and other accessories from their old processor. Also reinstall the operating system with sophisticated data acquisition and complete refurbishment is not necessary. The operating system automatically recognizes the new processor, need no driver or the like can be installed such as with graphics cards. Processors also rarely have a defect, since most errors are caused by excessive overclocking by the user.

With us you get refurbished and used processors of the leading manufacturers such as Intel and AMD, in the client and server area. The used processors are reconditioned by the manufacturer and therefore work without restrictions.
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