Security software

Security software

With security software you usually connect immediately antivirus solutions or other applications such as firewalls. With us you get various products of the well-known manufacturers such as ESET, with which you can protect your system against malware. This helps to avoid downtime and protect one's privacy as current threats work in a variety of ways.

How does the security software differ?

Every software is always designed for specific purposes. Of course, however, the antivirus solutions of different manufacturers differ in their functionality. In addition to the basic protection against malicious code, some products still have additional features such as web filters, password safes or corresponding email plug-ins available. In this point, it often helps to first look at a trial version of each application to decide whether you really need these additives.

Another point is the license. Mostly you get a 1-year license, but some manufacturers also offer licenses directly for several years. Also note for how many devices the license applies. While the starter products are usually only for a PC or a notebook, higher version often offer directly the possibility to install on multiple computers or on smartphones and tablets. In addition, a particular operating system may be required for use, such as Windows or Linux on the PC and Android or iOS on mobile devices.

Can not you just use free products?

For many applications, the free of charge usable applications of different manufacturers can quite enough. However, advertisements are sometimes shown there or have to be set to additional functions on the paid versions. Ultimately, it depends in this area of ??the respective requirements.

Windows now also offers antivirus protection that is easy and free to use. In view of the other features, however, it may also be advisable to switch to paid products there. Overall, you should therefore first of all clarify what features you expect from the security software on your PC. In addition, with regard to the user-friendliness, large differences can be seen in some cases.

Is there used security software?

Since the applications are usually licensed for a certain period of time, you can find almost exclusively new products in this area. Simply select the appropriate product in the required range of functions, with the appropriate number of licenses and the desired duration to use it for your systems.
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