Powerline Network Adapter

Powerline Network Adapter

Powerline, or PowerLAN and dLAN (for directLAN) is a technology where the power line for data transmission in networks is used. Mainly this is used when the desired location is no network cabling and wireless reception also is not sufficient. The corresponding standard IEEE-1901 allows data to be transfered with a range of up to 300 meters and a maximum speed of 1200 Mbit/s. With us you get used powerline network adapter of experienced manufacturers such as Netgear or devolo.

Are there differences in the Powerline network adapters?

Yes, the adapter differ mainly in their maximum speed and some additional features. Thus, the socket is passed to the outside of some adapters, it can be so despite the adapter still be used for other devices. Some models are also available with integrated wireless access point. This feature is particularly popular because they are so identical can connect multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets to the network. But watch out for the number of available network connections, especially if you want to also connected printers and other devices on the same PC. The overall effect is of course always on the particular application to which the powerline adapters are best suited.

What should I look at the setup and installation?

In general, the installation of powerline network adapters designed very user-friendly. You must, depending on the manufacturer, only once connect the adapter to each other. To this end, there is a pairing algorithm, which is via the web interface or a hardware button can use the device. Check out this best in the short instructions of the manufacturer. All other settings are very similar to other network components. Course in integrated wireless access point encryption should be established and the default password to be changed.

Functioning Powerline network adapters in each building?

Depending on the circumstances on site, the speed may vary, of course. Also how far the network adapters are apart of course plays a role here. In addition, Powerline adapters normally do not work when a power meter is on the line, it was in some tests but refuted. Ie so that no unauthorized connects to your network, all passwords assigned by default should be changed in general.
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