Transceiver refers to a unit used for signal transmission. The word is formed from the English words transmitter (for sender) and receiver (for receiver). In the field of computer technology, they are known above all as network adapters and accordingly take over the transmission and reception of the network signals. In our assortment you will find a variety of such transceivers as they are available for different purposes and media.

What must be considered when buying a transceiver?

With us you will find mainly plug-in modules that can be used, for example, in switches and routers, but also in some network cards for servers. Of course, these differ from model to model and in some cases significantly. Accordingly, you should always pay attention to the compatibility of the slot when buying. For example, the small form-factor pluggable (SFP and SFP +) modules or slots are widespread. There are also GBIC, XFP and other formats.

In addition to the format of the slot and the module, the medium used also plays an important role. Instead of electrical impulses also light waves can be used. Be sure to choose the right transceiver for the existing infrastructure so you can start the connection and setup immediately upon receipt.

Many network devices, such as switches, offer additional slots for transceivers. However, the manufacturer sometimes specifies a certain performance. So the maximum transfer rate can be 1 Gbit / s, which is why a 10 Gbit / s module is not a sensible investment. If you plan to renew the switch or router if necessary, you will also find in our range a variety of network devices that are suitable for such a project.

Do used transceivers offer a disadvantage?

No, because all products in our range are extensively tested for their function before. A refurbished or used SFP module or another transceiver can thus be used for problem-free and above all cost-effective expansion. In comparison with the corresponding new product, there are no disadvantages, and of course they also receive new modules from us.

Are the transceivers delivered with additional accessories?

The exact scope of delivery we give to each article in the product description. In the case of transceivers, however, this usually only consists of the module, so that no further accessories are included. If you need suitable connection cables or are looking for further network accessories, you will surely find what you are looking for and can simply order the parts you need. Finally, it always depends on the particular application, which cables are needed, as they are e.g. are available in different lengths.
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