Network security systems & Firewalls

Firewalls are the most well-known representative of the network security systems. Thus the word firewall has become a synonym for safe surfing and a perfectly secure network for home or for business. For a professional firewall is not only a protection against viruses and spam, but a complete network management system that both client / server environments as well as home computer from attacks of any kind from the Internet, whether from the World Wide Web, or on specific ports, protects. A firewall is one of the most important network security systems represents and makes for companies of all sizes and also for private users perfect sense and has become an almost indispensable part of the network technology

Firewalls are complete network management systems that an administrator can specify the ports that are enabled for the Internet, who can access the Internet, how that happens and what is not there allowed to determine . Even secure connections in a network or from a network, VPN tunnel, proxy server and precise instructions regarding port clearances and / or mac or IP address lists certain things should the network, or not, are in the ability range of a firewall. Thus, a complex network management system be set up that allows exactly as much as necessary, but at the same time so well protected as possible. Thus, once data is processed in a network, which have a high privacy requirements while working the network on the Internet, a firewall is to ensure a must-have for long-term optimal safety.

A distinction is made between pure software-based firewalls principle firewalls that are installed on a server, or hardware-based firewalls, the special software bring on a specially designated unit for use. The differences are that a purely software-based firewall that is installed on a server that only controls the network traffic running over the server. In addition, the firewall is active only when the server / computer on which it is installed, is active. These contrast with hardware-based devices. A hardware-based firewall can have the great advantage that they are independent of any server or computer works and thus can be connected directly in the router and all traffic coming from the Internet , before it gets to a server or client to intercept or check. For this reason, physical firewalls with specialized software, the professional and, ultimately, more secure solution.

But the big advantage of hardware-based firewalls also has a disadvantage. They are often very expensive. Here, however, we offer professionally refurbished firewalls that function perfectly, and thus are very favorable. Thus we also allow small businesses or individuals with high security to acquire a professional firewall at a significantly lower price. It is worthwhile to seek for used equipment. Because network security is more important in the current era of increasingly complex interconnectedness of the world than ever.
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