The abbreviation KVM stands for keyboard, video and mouse and designated devices with which the administration of a computer or multiple servers is much easier in a rack. Many problems can be solved via remote access or remote maintenance. But again and again the work directly on the server is needed. For example, if defective components are replaced or already fails to boot the system is the most comfortable working on the server particularly advantageous to provide a quick and easy solution. This KVMKonsolen provide an easy way to control and manage that system. They can be used in many different ways and provide more space in the rack cabinet.

What differences are there in KVM consoles?

When the screen size you have free choice. Commonly are 15, 17 and 19 inches. Whereby here mostly 15 inches are sufficient to perform short system check or the like. To connect to the computer or server different ports are available. Current models include, for example, DVI instead of VGA for digital transfer of image signals. Likewise, the consoles can also KVM switches operate or it is already such integrated to manage multiple servers and convenient to pick on the screen or keyboard shortcuts. In addition, newer models also have USB ports to use other peripherals. In space, however, the different versions are very similar. In most cases, is 1U (rack unit) in the rack already sufficient, so you can just pull out and use the console if needed, but otherwise everything is tucked neatly and cleanly in the rack. For use in the rack often separate mounting rails are required, which are not always included, so you should absolutely pay attention to this purchase. Useful functions such as status monitoring of connected systems or an additional password protection against unauthorized access are also often implemented by manufacturers to make their devices emphasized. To support future Functions have some of these systems also perform a firmware upgrade on the way.

What is the advantage of used KVM consoles?

Our refurbished KVM consoles offer the same performance as new equipment. Since they were designed for use in rack enclosures and server environments, and are characterized by a robust design and reliable hardware. Similarly, we also offer KVM switches and related wiring from our range. Some models can reduce the number of connectable systems increase by a series connection of switches up to 256 pieces. This is thus possible to cover all possible scenarios and applications. Finally, you can take advantage of these important benefits at an extraordinary price, thus setting the highest quality. Among the well-known manufacturers include HP, APC and Aten.
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