System & Power Cables

For power supply different power cable in the IT sector are needed. To connect the computer but the power cable is used exclusively. An exception here notebooks and mini-PCs, which are operated with an external power supply. Also monitors use almost exclusively the IEC connector. However, there are also models use an external power supply.

Printers and scanners often use the household appliance plug which on the two round port openings can be seen. For external power supplies of the various devices no default is set so that the cables and connections differ here depending on the manufacturer or model. The most commonly used cable with plug household appliances or the Mickey Mouse or cloverleaf connector.

The latter is indicated by the three connection pins which are arranged in plan in the triangle. If you need a new cable for your laptop or Mini-PC, you should, in addition to the mating plug, pay attention to the performance of the power supply. The use of an incorrect adapter can damage your system and could therefore provide a total failure.

For connecting a computer or server to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) you usually need an inlet socket, so a cable with an IEC connector on one side and an IEC socket on the other side. These cables are often in low numbers included with the UPS in case. Therefore, make sure that you have enough cable available.
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