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In today's world, data is more valuable than ever and considered one of the most important assets of a company. Therefore, we offer you certified data deletion services to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. In the following, you will learn how this process works, why it is necessary, and what else you need to consider.

At noteboox.de, we assure you of the confidential handling of your data storage devices, providing you with clarity about their whereabouts. We are also available at any time to address your questions or specific requirements. Our trained staff will find the best possible solution to meet all your needs to your utmost satisfaction. Simply contact us and let us advise you.

Data deletion may be required in various cases. For example, you may want to retire your data storage devices that previously held important business documents. Before discarding them, it is essential to securely remove all remaining data. However, we generally delete all data from PCs, notebooks, servers, and other devices with hard drives that we offer in our inventory. This is a separate step in our refurbishment process.

Now, let's delve into the advantages that Certus offers and why we have chosen this software. We want to provide you with insights into the company's background, development, and important features of the application. Transparency is crucial in establishing the necessary trust to ensure that all required performance features are fulfilled and maintained.

User Manual (EN) for Certus Erasure Web Manager.
User Manual (EN) for Certus Erasure Version 3.8.0.
Quick Start User Guide (EN) for Certus Erasure.
User Manual (EN) for Certus Erasure HASP Key, enabling automatic use of Certus Erase Software.

What is Certus?

Certus is a software specifically designed for secure and thorough data erasure according to various guidelines and standards. The software allows for the removal of residual data and important content from storage devices, enabling them to be passed on without any concerns. This is ensured through the use of powerful algorithms employed by Certus.

The company was founded with the goal of creating a software solution that primarily appeals to business users. The German headquarters in Augsburg serves as the central location for Certus and ensures adherence to high-quality standards. This is substantiated by the security certification according to Common Criteria EAL3+, which involves comprehensive testing and vulnerability assessments.

Certus is compatible with a wide range of storage media and formats commonly found in the IT industry. However, it is not only about simple deletion but also about generating detailed reports that ensure maximum transparency. This way, important corporate data is never compromised, allowing users to fully focus on their work.

In addition to the mentioned features, Certus is continuously evolving and adapting to new technological developments, ensuring the highest level of data security in the future.

What hardware erase Certus?


All mobile devices pose special risks within a company, as even a loss can lead to your documents falling into the wrong hands. Likewise, these devices are retired after a certain period of time, often with the hard drive being removed directly. However, if only the user within the company changes, it is sufficient to remove the previously stored data with Certus.

Just like with notebooks, special attention should be given to the stored files on desktop PCs. Therefore, make sure to completely delete these computer systems before they leave your company. The same applies to private users considering selling their computers. After all, nobody wants their personal documents to be searched by strangers.
IT systems in racks, especially servers, generally receive higher attention and are usually maintained by professionals. However, just like with client computers, data deletion should always take place before the system is decommissioned. Whether it's servers, NAS devices, or other storage devices, Certus helps to remove all business data without residue. Alternatively, disk destruction is often performed in these cases, which is also a service we offer.
Hard Drives
Today, data is stored on a variety of devices and different types of storage media. It's not just about hard drives and SSDs from desktop computers or laptops, but also USB sticks or memory cards from digital cameras. Therefore, it's better to be on the safe side and have all storage devices cleansed of any sensitive information using Certus.
Can be implemented as:
How does data erasure with Certus work?

After connecting the hard drive or other storage media, the Certus software is launched. Then, the desired algorithms are selected, which are sometimes referred to as patterns. These algorithms essentially provide some key parameters, such as the number of overwrites required.

The supported standards by Certus are listed in the right section. Simply click on the corresponding algorithm to open a brief description. This will provide information on the number of deletion passes it requires and how it achieves secure data erasure. Some algorithms prescribe a specific process, such as overwriting with zeroes or random values. Additionally, a final verification read operation can be performed to ensure proper execution.

While there are already some applications that offer secure deletion, the significant advantage of Certus is the perfect combination of individual components. This results in a complete solution that not only provides data erasure but also offers additional information. This allows you to easily keep track of the process and benefit from the necessary transparency provided by the manufacturer. If you opt for the cloud-based software, you can rest assured that the management is fully secured through TLS v1.2.

Whether you choose to implement the Certus solution within your own company or entrust us with the data erasure, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the entire process upon completion. This is particularly important if you need to comply with legal or operational requirements. The report can serve as evidence of the employed algorithm or provide a list of all media. Contact us, and we will take care of the complete planning, execution, and, of course, the final reports.

British HMG IS5 Baseline
British HMG IS5 Enhanced
Bruce Schneier
Canadian OPS - II
Gutmann Algorithm
German VSITR
NCSC - TG - 025
NSA 130 - 2
Russian GOST R 50739 - 95
US Air Force 5020
US DoD 5220.22 - M
US DoD 5220.22 - ECE
ATA Secure Erase
Sanitize Block Erase
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Who chooses the algorithm?

If you desire a certified data erasure with Certus, we offer you the opportunity to choose from various deletion algorithms. However, often the method for secure and complete data erasure is already determined by company policies.

On the other hand, if you wish to securely destroy your storage media, we are also your reliable partner in this case. Under certain circumstances, physical destruction may be required. For this purpose, we provide proven solutions to ensure the secure destruction of your data.

Can I simply format with Windows?

Although modern operating systems like Windows provide a formatting function, it is not a reliable data erasure method. The zero-fill method, which is used by default in quick formatting, does not provide sufficient security. Especially for critical business data, it is important to perform a certified data erasure to prevent data leakage. Therefore, rely on the proven Certus software to ensure effective and secure data erasure. Our solutions are specifically tailored to your requirements and provide the necessary security for confidential handling of your data. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Which connections does Certus support?

Das Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) ist besonders häufig in Workstations und Servern anzutreffen. Daher wurde von Certus natürlich für eine vollständige Unterstützung der Schnittstelle gesorgt, da sich die Software zur Datenlöschung besonders an Unternehmen richtet.


SAS ist eine Schnittstellentechnologie für den Anschluss von Speichergeräten wie Festplatten oder SSDs an Computer oder Server. Mit der Unterstützung von SAS ermöglicht Certus Erase die sichere Löschung von Daten auf SAS-fähigen Speichergeräten. Die Software gewährleistet eine gründliche und zuverlässige Datenlöschung gemäß den branchenüblichen Sicherheitsstandards.

IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)

IDE ist eine ältere Schnittstellentechnologie, die hauptsächlich für den Anschluss von Festplatten an Computer und ältere Systeme verwendet wurde. Mit der Unterstützung von IDE ermöglicht Certus Erase die sichere Löschung von Daten auf IDE-fähigen Speichergeräten. Die Software stellt sicher, dass die Daten gründlich und zuverlässig gemäß den geltenden Sicherheitsstandards gelöscht werden.

Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel ist eine Hochgeschwindigkeits-Schnittstellentechnologie, die hauptsächlich in Speicherumgebungen wie SANs (Storage Area Networks) eingesetzt wird. Mit der Unterstützung von Fibre Channel ermöglicht Certus Erase die sichere Löschung von Daten auf Speichergeräten, die über eine Fibre Channel-Verbindung angeschlossen sind. Die Software gewährleistet eine gründliche und zuverlässige Datenlöschung gemäß den branchenüblichen Sicherheitsstandards, um die Vertraulichkeit der Informationen zu schützen.

More and more PC systems have the new Solid State Disks, as they bring an enormous performance increase. Due to the technology, however, these are a special case for the secure removal of data. However, Certus also deletes these storage media reliably and permanently.
Certus also supports the current standard interface for hard disks and SSDs with the Serial ATA technology. No matter if they are in workstations, desktop computers or notebooks, a certified deletion is possible at any time without restrictions.
A tablet ...
Many devices that are used today, such as tablet PCs, no longer have memory that you can easily remove. This must therefore also be safely deleted as soon as the systems leave their own environment. Trust in these systems on Certus for secure data deletion.
Due to the compact format of many USB storage media, such as external hard drives or USB sticks, they often go carelessly into the wrong hands. So play safe with these data carriers and ensure data deletion to the highest standards.
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