Power Supplies for Notebooks and Laptops

Power Supplies for Notebooks and Laptops

To charge the battery or to the prolonged operation of the notebook can do without the AC adapter in any case. Should this be defective, remain ideally just a few hours until the unit becomes another service. But you should not have direct access to the first available charger, because this can have serious consequences. For this reason, we not only ensure a fast shipment, so you can use your device as usual without long downtime again, but also pay attention to the quality and reliability of its products.

What should I look for when buying a new power supply?

At best, you buy a power supply, which has been produced for your notebook and in particular for the model. This is the best possible and safest replacement because you have to be careful to not have other technical data. Because even with slightly different model numbers can be used different power supplies. The key characteristics are the shape of the connector, and the voltage used (given in V for volts) and current ( given in mA or A, for amps). It is especially important to know that all criteria must be met, for example, a matching plug is not enough here. Due to high voltage could take permanent damage to your system. Since repair would usually require the replacement of the entire motherboard, this would be an economic total loss for the device. Is anywhere a replacement to find, there are so-called universal power supplies that support many different devices. These can be, usually by a small set screw to adjust to different voltages and deliver a certain amperage. They are supplied complete several different connector. This should it tight and secure in your notebook and do not wobble or slip out on its own. Also power supplies of a different model can be used on your notebook, as long as the above values match. A small variation in the current is often not a problem. To find these values ??on the nameplate directly on the power supply or the notebook.

Are recommended cars Power Supplies

In this category, we offer various power supplies for devices from different manufacturers. Just enter the model number of your laptop into the search function or look at our offered products in the product name in order to find the right replacement part. There can be often been based on the model number to read the notebooks supported. If in doubt, you can also look into the respective product description. There all notebooks that can be operated with this power supply are listed under " Compatible". Is not your model listed, please contact us directly and we will attend to your concerns. Moreover, it is not just about cars, but refurbished power supplies that have been fully checked and reconditioned by the manufacturer. So there are high-quality original power supply units that are fully compatible with the specified notebook.
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