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Do you need a router for your home network? Or you want to set up a corporate network? But find it is overpriced devices on the market, but want cheap alternatives? So you are correct in this category. Here we offer you cheap routers and bridges in great condition. To be all technically carefully reviewed and revised to meet all customer requirements and the requirements of the installation spot justice.

A b-router is a device which acts both as a bridge, as well as a wireless router. This data between networks and data can be transmitted to individual systems in a network. The main purpose of a bridge is to create two separate networks. The brouter simply forwards the incoming packets from one network to the next. A b-router combines these two functions by routing the incoming data to the right of some systems, while other data are forwarded to another network. In other words, a brouter acts as a filter which allows the transmission of data in the local network to another network. While the term is used "b-router" to describe Bridge and wireless router, actual brouter are quite rare. Instead, most simple brouter have been configured so that they can also function as bridges. These functions can often be realized with the router software interface. For example, a router can be configured so that only data to be accepted, which originate from specific protocols and data sources, while other data make possible the transfer to another network.

Why are cars Bridges suitable ?

When a flow blocking the way to the other side, then a bridge is constructed to connect the two land masses. Since an average car can not swim or fly, bridges make it possible to drive cars from one land mass to another. In computer networks, a bridge serves the same purpose. It combines two or more local area networks (LANs) together. The data can travel through the bridge to the different areas of the network. The device is similar to a router, the data before they are not analyzed. Why are bridges in the transfer of data fast, but not as versatile as a router. For example, a bridge can not be used as a firewall, in contrast to most of the routers. For this, a bridge can transfer data between different protocols (ie, a Token Ring and Ethernet network) and works with the "Data Link Layer" or level 2 of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) reference model. Brouter also treat the two routable and non-routable features by acting as routers for routable protocols and as bridges for non- routable protocols. Bridged protocols might spread throughout the network, using techniques such as filtering can be used to reduce potential congestion.
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