In this category you will find the right KVM cables for a variety of different switches and consoles. The abbreviation KVM stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse. With their devices are referred to, which accordingly make the use of a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to multiple computers possible. The times in which, for example, stand by separate input devices for each server or all cables must be reconnected now a thing of the past. Since the compatibility between KVM device and cables is best when they come from the same manufacturer, we perform especially well-known manufacturer of cables APC, Aten, Black Box and other.

If additional properties of the cables to be considered when buying?

The selection of the appropriate cable depends largely on the Switch used. These typically support a VGA or DVI port for the monitor and a USB port for PS/2- or mouse and keyboard. In addition, USB ports for additional peripherals and audio connectors may be present. In some models, LPT ports for printers or so-called DB25 connectors were used. The latter are used in numerous ways, as for example, to suitable as a serial port for digital input devices, for a monitor manufacturer Apple or just as a normal VGA cable. Mainly, it is therefore important that the required ports are present, since the implementation of, for example via an adapter DVI to VGA is not possible. Therefore, you should choose exactly where possible the appropriate cable for your switch to allow the best functionality.

What advantage offer used cable to new

The offered by us refurbished KVM cables are fully tested for their function. Since these mainly in the Windows Server environment are very popular, they are made very durable, making them particularly suitable for use in a professional environment. The other advantage is, of course, in the lower purchase price. Take advantage of the opportunity to make the management of their computer systems as simple as possible. Of course, we are pleased to offer matching KVM Switches and Consoles. Just look at this in the particular product category or contact us so we can make you an individual offer.
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