computer monitors

computer monitors

In order to write texts on the PC and read or to watch movies, you need apart from the graphics card , the signals in image signals processed also a functioning , high-resolution monitor displaying these signals.

Starting with the Braun tube, also called cathode ray tube, so to speak, the "First-TV", the technical development went the way through the tube TVs to the latest LCD and plasma screens.

Computer monitors are standard features of each computer, as without it no use of the system is possible. Instead of the often initially used CRT monitors, flat panel displays are now mainly used, since they are significantly less space and also consume significantly less power. Current TFT (thin - film transistor) displays set the LCD technology a. In addition to this there is the LED technology, which allows a better representation of the color black and an even lower power consumption features. The equally widespread plasma technology is mainly used in televisions . With us you get used monitors from different manufacturers, such as DELL, Fujitsu, HP, EIZO. It is used to monitors but which are tested for functionality and, of course, were overtaken on the outside. But it is important to avoid incompatibilities even when buying a monitor certain key data must be ensured.

What are the differences in monitors and what to look for?

When buying a monitor, you should make sure that the existing connectors on your graphics card can also be used by the monitor. The connection type currently used can often be already determined by the color-coded connectors (VGA = blue, DVI = white). When in doubt, but you should check the manual of your graphics card. There is also support multiple connections and monitors.

Another important feature is the screen size, it is the effective size of the screen and specifies both the possible resolution. The specified resolution, you should definitely keep, as it can otherwise lead to a blur on the displayed image. In addition, there are also screens in widescreen format, which are used today in every modern workplace. Because the human eye, which looks more in width than in height, can work more comfortable with the wide screens.

The reaction time for office work often not of great importance but rather in games interesting ( here applies a lower value is better). The contrast and brightness determine how well colors and are displayed in black and white. Finally, there is the viewing angle, this indicates which angle you can see images on the TFT display well.

Other interesting features are, for example, the ability to rotate the screen or to adjust the height. Also built-in speaker or USB ports are available in many models.

Why switch to a TFT screen?

Our refurbished monitors you have the cheapest, fully reap the benefits of LCD technology. The main advantage here is the power consumption. In comparison, a tube unit consumes up to 5 times more power than an LCD device. In addition, the devices are much leaner and therefore much easier. These two advantages mentioned are enough to upgrade argument on the energy-saving and lighter monitor.
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