video accessories

video accessories

With the increasing number of playback devices and new transmission standards, also increases access to video accessories. In this category you will find mounting materials, spare parts and systems for signal transmission. We pay, in addition to functionality, in particular on high-quality components, as does a bad fast processing in image quality or unsafe installation noticeable. Make sure with our products therefore a perfect match and you benefit from the experience of renowned manufacturers such as EIZO, Hitachi and Extron.

What should be considered when buying video accessories

With regard to spare parts, such as a lamp for projectors, of course, that these are not suitable for all models. In order to make the search as easy as possible so you can find the supported models in the item name, and also in the description. If this confusion occurs, you can contact us happy. We also pay very heavily on quality original components in order as usual to offer you the best quality. If you intend to mount your projector on the ceiling, we have different mounts for you in our range. These can also be used, in part universal, as can the poor adapt to the existing model quickly and easily. Likewise, sloped ceilings, or other desired positions are often not a problem. However, you should pay attention to the maximum load, allow the projector to be securely mounted and used. Even for monitors, please contact us mounts and table stands. Nowadays many jobs are already equipped with two or more monitors at all times to keep everything you need at a glance. Both monitors to be mounted on a double stand not only saves space on the work surface, but also makes for increased comfort, since the user can adjust the height and angle according to his needs. In addition, many models allow a clean and tidy cable management. This means that the signal transmission without any problems and faults can, we offer various amplifiers and splitters, you can choose according to your special needs. This in perfect quality audio and video transmission is possible, whereby a smooth operation is ensured in everyday life. The devices can be turned place very versatile and can for example be attached as a substructure at the table or in a rack.

Why is recommendable used video accessories

Our used products are worked up in an elaborate refurbishing process. This gives you an equally outstanding quality, as is the case with new. So you can be sure, even for a small investment to get professional products that make your everyday work. Should you not find the appropriate video accessories once, you can of course always get in touch with us and we'll take care of as soon as possible to your request.
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