In a smart phone (English for "smart phone") is primarily a mobile phone. Today, such a device is taking on more and more tasks, some of which are more computer-based. Accordingly, today many people use a smartphone, whether for work, for entertainment or just to be available on different communication channels.

What should you look for when buying a smartphone?

Due to the widespread use of compact systems, there is now an almost unmanageable amount of devices on the market. Also in our assortment you will find various new and used smartphones of different manufacturers. At the beginning, you should therefore clarify for yourself which functions you absolutely expect from the smartphone, as this often excludes some devices.

Another important feature is the operating system. For example, if you want to use iOS, you need to grab an iPhone because no other manufacturers use this operating system. All others, however, can take an Android smartphones, which also have a very rich operating system. Other systems such as Windows Mobile play only a minor role today and are more suitable in a few special cases.

In any case, a smartphone has a touch screen, one or more cameras, and other hardware components, including, for example, a processor, memory and internal memory belong. These are of course always different from device to device. So choose easily depending on your requirements. If, for example, you often take photos or videos, a high-quality camera and a large internal memory could be of importance to you.

Other features that can be used to choose a smartphone naturally include size. Many users prefer rather compact devices and accordingly also a smaller screen diagonal. Others would rather have a large display and probably use a pen as well. Not to be despised is the update policy of the respective manufacturer. It can be used to determine how long each device still receives security updates, although not all manufacturers provide detailed information on this point.

Do you own used smartphones for everyday use?

In any case, because for many applications, the devices provide sufficient power and an appealing range of functions. With a used smartphone you can therefore save money in the first place, if you do not always depend on the respective top model. Especially activities such as mail, web browsing and, of course, instant messaging usually require little performance, so that a refurbished terminal does not cause any disadvantages.

What accessories do I get with my smartphone?

This always depends on the particular product, which is why we always provide corresponding information in the product description. Of course, we always try to supply the required power supply, although others can be used as well. You may also get the original packaging, headphones and other accessories with the used smartphone. Of course, this always depends on the original gifts from the manufacturer.
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