hard drives accessories

hard drives accessories

The demands on hard drives continues to rise by more digitization and greater Data. But it need not only a certain amount of memory, but also the matching accessories and intelligent features that protect your precious data. This involves not only to the physical damage from impact or damage from dropping, but also to accidental deletion or defect of a hard disk by system errors or the like. We offer in this category all the accessories for hard drives of different sizes and Connection. We rely on a variety of well-known manufacturers such as LSI, and other Trekstor, which characterized by high quality and reliable products.

What accessories are available for hard drives and what to look for?

Anyone who has ever had a defective notebook will have sooner or later asked how now still far from the existing data. The simplest way is one of our To use empty housing. These offer various internal connections such as SATA and are sorted by Model for 2.5 or 3.5 inch hard drives designed. After you have inserted the disk and have attached, you can use it over the USB interface. Of course, even more Connections such as FireWire or LAN possible. After all the data has been saved, it can also be set up for future backups or data outsourcing. In general, the also that in 2.5 inch hard drives is no separate power supply is needed, as these via the USB Connection are supplied with sufficient power.

For the highest security of your data ensure, among other professional RAID controllers. This can be in the server or in the workstation upgrade and offer you more Advantages, even in comparison to an integrated controller on the motherboard. For one assumes the controller alone the Raid management, making the other components are relieved, on the other hand this may have more connections for hard drives and other adjustable Raid configurations. Retrofitting a BBU (Battery Backup Unit) is on many models possible, so that a further performance improvement is possible. First and foremost, you should at Eighth purchase on the interface used. Often, here the PCI Express interface is being used. In addition, varying the number and the type of connection of the possible hard disks, at the different models.

What is the value used hard drive accessories and the data are even safe?

Our offered products are checked under strict guidelines to give you the same Quality and reliability to offer, as you are used to by new. We offer You professional hardware at very low cost, making them your Companies offer additional added value. Many of the items offered, in particular the Raid Controller, provide standardized functions for maximum availability and Reliability.
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