About us

Who we are
Learn more about Noteboox.de, our philosophy, which business idea behind Noteboox.de and what approach we are pursuing. For those interested, there is a little insight into our company and our history.
The company noteboox.de emerged from the company Alvini.de. This in turn has existed since 2009, and was then a merger of three entrepreneurs in the field of IT-remarketing.
The original site was at that time in Friedberg. As the company expanded rapidly, however, had some time ago a larger warehouse. Pretty soon the election of the new camp fell on our present warehouse in Dinkelscheben. Three large halls offer us enough space for our goods and ensure a careful storage of our products.
noteboox.de - building with warehouse

Location and Nature

The beautiful location of the halls is doing its part to mentality of our employees. Between Ulm and Augsburg, the native Dinkelscherben is approximately 25 kilometers from Augsburg. A small, charismatic typical Central Swabian site. Right here, between the main town Dinkelscherben and one of the 9 districts, namely Häder, our camp is located near a large solar parks. Who is in our backyard, overlooking a beautiful surrounding us nature with deep forests, grasslands and playful free-flowing small streams that flow into the close co which the creative power of the „ Reischenau “ represents said basin and in turn opens into the great Danube.
All these surrounding us nature ensures our employees a great view and sometimes the opportunity to recover from the rigors of working life, which we are pursuing a modern corporate philosophy. Only then can we maintain our high level and provide the best possible quality to our customers.

Because: Our company has set itself the target overhauled or repaired and robust used laptop, used computers, used monitors, used servers, used printer and special bargains to offer at a reasonable cost framework. All devices are carefully selected and checked by our company. After extensive functional tests and a thorough cleaning, the used devices are then supplied to the market again, here we rely solely on quality and on products of the leading brands from the world of Information Technology.
Landscape Dinkelscherben
Solar Park Dinkelscherben

Customer Benefits

For resellers here offer the following advantages:

  • the used laptop, used computer, used monitors, used servers and used printers are reconditioned professionally by us, if necessary, repaired and upgraded
  • special discounts on these devices make the resale calculable, because the devices can be offered directly for resale.
  • fulfillment of individual customer requirements according to your wishes
  • Professional skilled personnel.

Benefits for end customers:

  • Up to 70% savings compared to similar new equipment
  • orientation of the used laptop, used computer, used servers and used printer in the long functionality, as these products have been designed for industrial use
  • fulfillment of individual customer requirements according to your wishes
  • Professional skilled personnel.

Our goal: environmental protection

We want to allow the children of the world a safe and clean future. Therefore, we pay attention to all areas of the company in an environmentally-friendly handling of all processes. This begins to use equipment used again in our philosophy. We also pay attention as environmentally sound actions in regulated companies everyday. This allows us not only to avoid mountains of waste but also conserve our planet's resources. Also used in the production of equipment incurred and environmentally hazardous substances, we help by selling a used appliance restrict. This philosophy we are trying to convey to our customers. Help make this world green with. Click on "Environmental protection if you want to learn more about it.