The notebook keyboard can, after prolonged use or carelessness short, quick damage. A failure of a single key can be sometimes, unfortunately, not prevent it. In order to fully restore the function, we offer you in this category keyboards for a variety of different models. These provide for older devices already back for a like new feel and the familiar comfort while working. We provide new and refurbished keyboards for different models of the manufacturer Dell, HP, Lenovo and more.

What keyboard should be taken when buying a replacement?

First, you should definitely pay attention to the compatible models. Even a small difference in the model number can lead to the keyboard for your laptop is not suitable and can not be used appropriately. The possible models, see the article name or in the description under "Compatible". Furthermore, also the keyboard layout is an essential feature, the QWERTY layout is standard in Germany. You can also use another if needed though. Here, however, you should pay attention to the operating system you are using, adjust the setting for the keyboard, otherwise the characters typed do not match the labels on the keys.

Can you replace the keyboard itself?

In general, the replacement of the keyboard, especially with some experience, not a big problem. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the effort but can be of different heights. Many manufacturers therefore provide complete guidance that describe the most and also illustrated the process. In many cases, the keyboard is held by screws which can be solved on the bottom of the notebook and are often marked with a small keyboard icon. You may also further holders are available directly above the keyboard that need to be solved. Special caution also applies when connecting the ribbon cable on the back to connect to the motherboard, as this is very sensitive and can be damaged easily. So take absolutely enough time and follow each step carefully to ensure a smooth operation.

Are there disadvantages in the use of used keyboards ?

The products offered by us are cleaned and reprocessed. Of course also function tests take place to offer you the best possible quality. You can therefore use the refurbished keyboards without restrictions and thus restore the full function of the notebook without having to connect an external keyboard or waive individual keys. We also always ship as soon as possible so that you can soon take full advantage of your notebook again.
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